Monday, 26 July 2010

To a child dancing in the wind

(Painting by: Steve Hanks)

Dance there upon the shore;
What need have you to care
For wind or water's roar?
And tumble out your hair
That the salt drops have wet;
Being young you have not known
The fool's triumph, nor yet
Love lost as soon as won,
Nor the best labourer dead
And all the sheaves to bind.
What need have you to dread
The monstrous crying of the wind?

W.B. Yeats

This poem reminds me of an old friend of mine who I met at university. He once said to me that he would buy me a little shack in Ireland where I could sit and write all day. He left me with a hole in my heart and I 've not seen him for many years. I hope he is happy and found the love he was looking for.

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