Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year

Usually at this time we reflect on the passing year. Our achievements, our failures and what we want to achieve for the coming new year.

I've been involved in various campaigns over the years; Friern Barnet Library, Every Child Leaving Care Matters and others along the way.
I will of course continue to support libraries and care leavers - they are part of my heart. I am like everyone else throughout the UK disgusted at this governments treatment of libraries and library staff.

We musn't forget that hundreds of librarians have also lost their jobs. I am sickened at the way this government have treated the mentally incapacitated, the jobless, the homeless, the children in care; in effect the most vulnerable people in this country of ours that was once Great. Now we have to hang our heads in shame. All we can do is vote these evil people out of power this coming May and begin the road to achieving greatness once again.

I was about to say, I'm taking a break from campaigns! In 2015, I want to pursue my PhD Hiraeth - Finding a Fictional Home. I am under no illusion that somebody like me who didn't do very well at school, and moved around a lot as a child, and didn't achieve a 1st or even a 2:1 has very little chance of getting funded. But it doesn't matter, the journey so far has been so interesting, and one of my 2014 highlights was presenting the research to date at the Brathay Trust up in the Lake District. A truly inspiring setting where I met some fabulously kind people working with care leavers to improve their lives. So it doesn't matter if I don't get funded. My little pot Help Fund my PhD (thanks to friends, family and people inspired by a chance to help change outcomes for those in care) is growing little by little and I will get there eventually.
I met a very kind potential supervisor Rebecca Smith, at Southampton University. I want to record my thanks as she has supported me continuously over the last year. Whatever happens as Rebecca and Dr Josie Pearse (another supporter) said, you are already doing the PhD. I will continue. I've just discovered a brand new book which may possibly have the root cause as to why Care Leavers are stereotyped and am looking forward to my next trip to that wonderful establishment, The British Library. 

2015 for me will be about getting back to my roots, writing, painting and generally leading a more creative life. I miss me! I will be doing a lot less social media, although I will still post blogs and occasionally be a Twit-to-Tweet.

So, all that is left for me to do is wish you all a very Healthy, Happy, and 
Creative New Year.

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